The Bear Cub Project

The first half of 2020 has presented challenges far greater than sport, and has offered glimpse in to the fragility of many things that we've taken for granted. 

I started Bearfoot Golf as a way to keep a close proximity to the game, and hopefully spread a message of positivity and stoke for people to look forward to as we move through the changing world together.

The Foundation of the BFG ethos is built on the idea that golf should be accessible to anyone with a desire to pick up a club, and supported in their ideas of how to make their experience playing the game their own. 

As a Junior Golfer I was awarded a set of golf clubs through a happenstance encounter with a golf executive for no other reason than out of charity and good will. That act sparked the passion for the game that I have today and is the impetus behind "The Bear Cub Project."

In an effort to foster a similar impact that may have the same impact on a young golfer today, Bearfoot Golf will host two 60-day campaigns in February-March & July-August in which parents and kids can create and post Videos of their most creative Bearfoot Swings.

At the conclusion, we'll host a live stream with a panel of 3 judges to select the grand prize winning boy or girl who will be awarded a full set of clubs and bag to ensure they are properly equipped to start a livelong journey playing the game. 

 Submissions will be made on Instagram with the hastag #bearfootbearcub and winners limited to 17 and under.